May 25, 2021, Introduced by Senator MACDONALD and referred to the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.

A bill to amend 1965 PA 203, entitled

"Michigan commission on law enforcement standards act,"

(MCL 28.601 to 28.615) by adding section 11a.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 11a. No later than March 1, 2022, and subject to appropriation, the commission shall conduct or contract for a research study and analysis to identify barriers in the recruitment of law enforcement officers in order to develop a strategy for attracting and retaining high-quality individuals to serve as law enforcement officers. A research study and analysis conducted pursuant to this section must include, but is not limited to, all of the following:

(a) Public perception of law enforcement agencies and law enforcement officers.

(b) Significant job stressors for law enforcement officers.

(c) Factors that affect job performance, including gender, race, or other pertinent factors.

(d) The character, personality, or other traits that contribute to a successful law enforcement career as observed in current and retired law enforcement officers.