Substitute For


A bill to amend 1939 PA 280, entitled

"The social welfare act,"

by amending section 105h (MCL 400.105h), as added by 2020 PA 101.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 105h. (1) Beginning October 1, 2020, telemedicine Telemedicine services are covered under the medical assistance program and Healthy Michigan program if the originating site is an in-home or in-school setting, in addition to any other originating site allowed in the Medicaid provider manual or any established site considered appropriate by the provider.

(2) The distant provider or organization is responsible for verifying a recipient's identification and program eligibility.

(3) The distant provider or organization must ensure that the information is available to the primary care provider.

(4) The medical assistance program or Healthy Michigan program shall not require a recipient to use telemedicine service in lieu of in-person consultation or contact.

(5) (4) As used in this section:

(a) "Originating site" means the location of the eligible recipient at the time the service being furnished by a telecommunications system occurs.

(b) "Telemedicine" means that term as defined in section 3476 of the insurance code of 1956, 1956 PA 218, MCL 500.3476.