April 25, 2023, Introduced by Reps. DeSana, Outman and Rigas and referred to the Committee on Agriculture.

A bill to amend 2000 PA 92, entitled

"Food law,"

by amending section 4102 (MCL 289.4102), as amended by 2012 PA 178.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 4102. (1) A cottage food operation is exempt from the licensing and evaluation provisions of this act. This exemption does not include an exemption from the adulteration and other standards imposed in this section or under this act, or both, and does not limit the ability of the department to take appropriate enforcement action for applicable violations as described in section 5101. This subsection does not require a cottage food operation to meet the standards contained in 21 CFR part 110 or the food code.

(2) Cottage food products shall must be prepackaged and properly labeled prior to before sale.

(3) At a minimum, a A cottage food operation shall place on the label of any food it produces or packages the following information:

(a) The name and address of the business of the cottage food operation.

(b) The name of the cottage food product.

(c) The ingredients of the cottage food product, in descending order of predominance by weight.

(d) The net weight or net volume of the cottage food product.

(e) Allergen labeling as specified by federal labeling requirements.

(f) If any nutritional claim is made, appropriate labeling as specified by federal labeling requirements.

(g) The following statement printed in at least the equivalent of 11-point font size in a color that provides a clear contrast to the background: "Made in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Michigan department of agriculture and rural development.".

(4) Cottage food products may be sold directly from the cottage food operation to the consumer only, and not by internet or mail order. Sales by consignment or at wholesale are prohibited.

(5) The gross sales of cottage food products by a cottage food operation shall not exceed $20,000.00 annually until December 31, 2017. After December 31, 2017, the The gross sales of cottage food products by a cottage food operation shall must not exceed $25,000.00 $55,000.00 annually. For the purposes of this subsection, gross sales shall must be computed on the basis of the amount of gross sales within or at a particular domestic residence and shall must not be computed on a per-person basis within or at that domestic residence. The department may request in writing documentation to verify the annual gross sales figure.

(6) Cottage food products shall must be stored only in the primary domestic residence.

(7) An exemption under this section does not affect the application of any other state or federal laws or any applicable ordinances enacted by any local unit of government.