May 09, 2023, Introduced by Rep. Paquette and referred to the Committee on Government Operations.

A bill to amend 1931 PA 328, entitled

"The Michigan penal code,"

(MCL 750.1 to 750.568) by adding section 135b.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 135b. (1) A person shall not provide a puberty-blocking drug to a minor to delay or suppress pubertal development in that minor to assist that minor with a gender transition.

(2) A person shall not provide genital gender reassignment surgery to a minor.

(3) A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 4 years.

(4) As used in this section:

(a) "Gender transition" means the process in which an individual shifts from identifying with and living as a gender that corresponds to the individual's sex to identifying with and living as a gender different from the individual's sex, and may include social, legal, or physical changes.

(b) "Genital gender reassignment surgery" means a medical procedure that is knowingly performed to assist an individual with a gender transition, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

(i) A penectomy, orchiectomy, vaginoplasty, clitoroplasty, or vulvoplasty for a male sex patient.

(ii) A hysterectomy or ovariectomy for a female sex patient.

(iii) A surgical reconstruction of the fixed part of the urethra with or without a metoidioplasty.

(iv) A phalloplasty, vaginectomy, or scrotoplasty, or the implantation of erection or testicular prostheses for a female sex patient.

(c) "Minor" means an individual who is less than 18 years of age.

(d) "Puberty-blocking drug" means either of the following:

(i) A gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue or other synthetic drug used in a male sex individual to stop luteinizing hormone secretion or production and testosterone secretion or production.

(ii) A synthetic drug used in a female sex individual to stop the production or secretion of estrogens and progesterone.