June 06, 2024, Introduced by Reps. Fitzgerald, Glanville, Shannon, Rheingans and Arbit and referred to the Committee on Local Government and Municipal Finance.

A bill to amend 1893 PA 206, entitled

"The general property tax act,"

by amending section 44b (MCL 211.44b), as added by 1994 PA 297.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 44b. For purposes of determining the date payment of the tax is received under this act, the date of a United States postal service Postal Service or other common carrier's postmark may must be considered the date of receipt. However, a tax payment shall not be considered received prior to 7 calendar days before the date of actual receipt. This section does not apply to the payment of the tax prior to the sale provided under section 60.This section applies to the payment of current or delinquent property taxes, any assessment or other amount shown as payable on a property tax statement, and all related penalties, interest, or fees.