MCL - Section 791.231a

Act 232 of 1953

791.231a Parole board; establishment; appointment, terms, and removal of members; vacancy; salary and expenses; designation and responsibility of chairperson; powers and duties.

Sec. 31a.

    (1) Beginning October 1, 1992, there is established in the department, a parole board consisting of 10 members who shall be appointed by the director and who shall not be within the state civil service.
    (2) Members of the parole board shall be appointed to terms of 4 years each, except that of the members first appointed, 4 shall serve for terms of 4 years each, 3 shall serve for terms of 3 years each, and 3 shall serve for terms of 2 year each. A member may be reappointed. The director may remove a member of the parole board for incompetency, dereliction of duty, malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance in office. If a vacancy occurs on the parole board, the director shall make an appointment for the unexpired term in the same manner as an original appointment. At least 4 members of the parole board shall be persons who, at the time of their appointment, have never been employed by or appointed to a position in the department of corrections.
    (3) Each member of the parole board shall receive an annual salary as established by the legislature and shall be entitled to necessary traveling expenses incurred in the performance of official duties subject to the standardized travel regulations of the state.
    (4) The chairperson of the parole board shall be designated by the director. The chairperson of the parole board is responsible for the administration and operation of the parole board. The chairperson may conduct interviews and participate in the parole decision making process. The chairperson shall select secretaries and other assistants as the chairperson considers to be necessary.
    (5) The parole board created in this section shall exist for purposes of appointment and training on October 1, 1992, and as of November 15, 1992, shall exercise and perform the powers and duties prescribed and conferred by this act.

History: Add. 1992, Act 181, Imd. Eff. Sept. 22, 1992
Popular Name: Department of Corrections Act