MCL - Act 96 of 1987


Act 96 of 1987

AN ACT to create a mobile home commission; to prescribe its powers and duties and those of local governments; to provide for a mobile home code and the licensure, regulation, construction, operation, and management of mobile home parks, the licensure and regulation of retail sales dealers, warranties of mobile homes, and service practices of dealers; to provide for the titling of mobile homes; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain agencies and departments; to provide remedies and penalties; to declare the act to be remedial; to repeal this act on a specific date; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

History: 1987, Act 96, Imd. Eff. July 6, 1987

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 125.2301 Section Short title.
Section 125.2302 Section Definitions.
Section 125.2303 Section Mobile home commission; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; compensation and expenses; quorum; action by commission; meetings; chairperson and vice-chairperson; removal of member; disclosure of pecuniary interest.
Section 125.2304 Section Powers of commission; duties of director; prohibition; exception.
Section 125.2305 Section Mobile home code; promulgation; rules.
Section 125.2306 Section Promulgation of rules by department of environmental quality; representatives of local government to act in advisory capacity; procedures for effective coordination.
Section 125.2307 Section Higher standard proposed by local government; filing; rules; implementation; review; approval; adoption by ordinance; relation of ordinance to specific section of code; standard not subject to filing requirement; design of ordinance; standard for setup or installation of mobile homes; prohibited standards; aesthetic standards; inspections; "inspection for safety" defined.
Section 125.2308 Section Exemptions.
Section 125.2309 Section Rules establishing fees and charges for licenses or permits; application of fees and charges; funding for commission; rules to adjust fees; mobile home code fund; creation; administration; disposition of fees and money; unexpended funds.
Section 125.2310 Section Reproducing documents requested as public record.
Section 125.2311 Section Preliminary plan for development of mobile home park or seasonal mobile home park; submission; contents; review; preliminary approval.
Section 125.2312 Section Submission of legal documents and final plans draft; application fee; review; approval; issuance of construction permit.
Section 125.2313 Section Construction permit required.
Section 125.2314 Section Affidavit.
Section 125.2316 Section License to operate mobile home park or seasonal mobile home park required; term; issuance; rules; report; fees; licensure of campground as seasonal mobile home park.
Section 125.2316a Section Occupancy of mobile home in seasonal mobile home park.
Section 125.2317 Section Inspection of mobile home parks and seasonal mobile home parks; report; findings; inspection for purpose other than issuing or renewing license.
Section 125.2318 Section Variances.
Section 125.2321 Section Licensing mobile home dealers, installers, or repairers; initial or renewal license; application; consent to service of process; duration and expiration of license; license fee; license of successor; continuation of sales.
Section 125.2322 Section Mobile home dealer; surety bond; deposit; rules.
Section 125.2323 Section Mobile home dealer; accounts and other records.
Section 125.2324 Section Mobile home dealer; prohibited conduct.
Section 125.2325 Section Installation and setup of mobile home; rules; licensing requirements.
Section 125.2327 Section Mobile home, mobile home site, or equipment; fraudulent practices.
Section 125.2328 Section Owner or operator of mobile home park or seasonal mobile home park; unfair or deceptive practices; action by tenant; violation of water utility tariffs; qualification of owner for regulation as water utility; report.
Section 125.2328a Section Rules or regulations governing physical condition and aesthetic characteristics of mobile homes; applicability of subsection (1)(f); expense of moving mobile home to comparable site; termination of tenancy for just cause; appraisal and sale of mobile home; burden of showing compliance with subsection (1).
Section 125.2328b Section Children and pets; enforcement of rules.
Section 125.2328c Section Action to terminate tenancy; liquidated damages.
Section 125.2329 Section Shutoff of utility service for nonpayment; notice.
Section 125.2330 Section Mobile home subject to certificate of title provisions.
Section 125.2330a Section Certificate of title; application; form; fee; signature; acknowledgment; contents; bond; examination of application; determination; investigation; additional information; rejection of application; duplicate, replacement, or corrected title; placing or terminating lien on title; placing name on title; fee; application for duplicate title.
Section 125.2330b Section Certificate of title; issuance; contents; mailing or delivering to owner or other person.
Section 125.2330c Section Transfer or assignment of title or interest; indorsement; mailing or delivering certificate; effective date of transfer; issuance of new certificate; fee; reservation or creation of security interest; mobile home dealer as transferee; transfer of dealer's title or interest.
Section 125.2330d Section Creation of security interest in mobile home; assignment of security interest; assignee named as holder of security interest; perfection of security interest; termination statement; issuance of new certificate.
Section 125.2330e Section Termination of owner's interest by enforcement of security agreement; duty of transferee; duty of holder of security interest; mailing or delivering certificate; application for new certificate; affidavit; issuance of new certificate; demand for outstanding certificate.
Section 125.2330f Section Filing surrendered certificate of title; maintaining file for period of 10 years.
Section 125.2330g Section Cancellation of or refusal to issue certificate of title; grounds; notice; hearing.
Section 125.2330h Section Rules.
Section 125.2330i Section Affixation of mobile home to real property; ownership interest.
Section 125.2330k Section Ownership without certificate of title; affidavit of missing title; recording; fees; civil liability.
Section 125.2331 Section Action to rescind transaction and recover damages.
Section 125.2332 Section Certain conditions, stipulations, or provisions voided.
Section 125.2333 Section Statute of limitations; rejection of valid rescission as bar to action.
Section 125.2335 Section Service of process.
Section 125.2336 Section Powers of department, prosecuting attorney, or law enforcement officer; evidence; copies of pleadings; assistance to local government or state agency.
Section 125.2337 Section Administrative proceedings; notice; response; assurance of discontinuance.
Section 125.2338 Section Order to show cause; grounds; notice to show cause; stopping construction after notice and opportunity for hearing.
Section 125.2339 Section Entry and notice of order to show cause; hearing; powers of department for purpose of investigation or proceeding; order of circuit court for information; issuance of subpoenas or orders.
Section 125.2340 Section Effect of appeal.
Section 125.2341 Section Injunction.
Section 125.2342 Section Violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 125.2343 Section Violation of act; penalties; disposition of fine; notice of determination to local government, owner, operator, and surety; failure to perform or commence maintenance or repair; extension; expenses; actions under other provisions not prohibited; pursuit of lawful rights.
Section 125.2343a Section Summary suspension of license.
Section 125.2344 Section Remedies not mutually exclusive.
Section 125.2345 Section Other prosecution and enforcement not prohibited.
Section 125.2348 Section Order to correct violation; imminent threat to health or safety; failure of owner or operator to comply with order; enforcement action; motion for preliminary injunction or other temporary relief; service of complaint and summons; duties and powers of court; lien.
Section 125.2348b Section Imminent danger to health or lives of individuals; order by local health department.
Section 125.2349 Section Legislative intent and declarations.
Section 125.2350 Section Availability of list of powers and duties of state or local governmental entity.