MCL - 110-2006-II

Act 110 of 2006
Document Type Description
Section 125.3201 Section Regulation of land development and establishment of districts; provisions; uniformity of regulations; designations; limitations.
Section 125.3202 Section Zoning ordinance; determination by local legislative body; amendments or supplements; notice of proposed rezoning.
Section 125.3203 Section Zoning ordinance; plan; incorporation of airport layout plan or airport approach plan; zoning ordinance adopted before or after March 28, 2001; applicability of public transportation facilities.
Section 125.3204 Section Single-family residence; instruction in craft or fine art as home occupation.
Section 125.3205 Section Zoning ordinance subject to certain acts; regulation or control of oil or gas wells; prohibition; extraction of valuable natural resource; challenge to zoning decision; serious consequences resulting from extraction; factors; regulations not limited.
Section 125.3205a Section Amateur radio service station antenna structures.
Section 125.3205d Section Zoning ordinance; prohibition or regulation of commemorative signs.
Section 125.3206 Section Residential use of property; adult foster care facilities; family, group child care homes, or qualified residential treatment programs.
Section 125.3207 Section Zoning ordinance or decision; effect as prohibiting establishment of land use.
Section 125.3208 Section Nonconforming uses or structures.
Section 125.3209 Section Township zoning ordinance not subject to county ordinance, rule, or regulation.
Section 125.3210 Section Ordinance as controlling.
Section 125.3211 Section Appointment of zoning commission by legislative body; purposes; petition; initiation of action to formulate zoning commission and zoning ordinance.