MCL - Section 125.3211

Act 110 of 2006

125.3211 Appointment of zoning commission by legislative body; purposes; petition; initiation of action to formulate zoning commission and zoning ordinance.

Sec. 211.

    (1) The legislative body may proceed with the adoption of a zoning ordinance containing land development regulations and establishing zoning districts under this act upon appointment of a zoning commission as provided in section 301.
    (2) The legislative body may appoint a zoning commission for purposes of formulating a zoning ordinance on its own initiative or upon receipt of a petition requesting that action as provided under subsection (3).
    (3) Upon receipt of a petition signed by a number of qualified and registered voters residing in the zoning jurisdiction equal to not less than 8% of the total votes cast within the zoning jurisdiction for all candidates for governor at the last preceding general election at which a governor was elected, filed with the clerk of the local unit of government requesting the legislative body to appoint a zoning commission for purposes of formulating a zoning ordinance, the legislative body, at the next regular meeting, may initiate action to formulate a zoning commission and zoning ordinance under this act.

History: 2006, Act 110, Eff. July 1, 2006