MCL - Section 125.3306

Act 110 of 2006

125.3306 Recommendations of zoning commission; submission to legislative body; public hearing; notice; examination of proposed text and maps.

Sec. 306.

    (1) Before submitting its recommendations for a proposed zoning ordinance to the legislative body, the zoning commission shall hold at least 1 public hearing. Notice of the time and place of the public hearing shall be given in the same manner as required under section 103(1) for the initial adoption of a zoning ordinance or section 202 for any other subsequent zoning text or map amendments.
    (2) Notice of the time and place of the public hearing shall also be given by mail to each electric, gas, and pipeline public utility company, each telecommunication service provider, each railroad operating within the district or zone affected, and the airport manager of each airport, that registers its name and mailing address with the clerk of the legislative body for the purpose of receiving the notice of public hearing.
    (3) The notices required under this section shall include the places and times at which the proposed text and any maps of the zoning ordinance may be examined.

History: 2006, Act 110, Eff. July 1, 2006