MCL - Section 125.3307

Act 110 of 2006

125.3307 Review and recommendations after hearing; submission to township; submission to coordinating zoning committee; waiver of right to review.

Sec. 307.

    (1) Following the hearing required in section 306, a township shall submit for review and recommendation the proposed zoning ordinance, including any zoning maps, to the zoning commission of the county in which the township is situated if a county zoning commission has been appointed as provided under this act.
    (2) If there is not a county zoning commission or county planning commission, the proposed zoning ordinance shall be submitted to the coordinating zoning committee. The coordinating zoning committee shall be composed of either 3 or 5 members appointed by the legislative body of the county for the purpose of coordinating the zoning ordinances proposed for adoption under this act with the zoning ordinances of a township, city, or village having a common boundary with the township.
    (3) The county will have waived its right for review and recommendation of an ordinance if the recommendation of the county zoning commission, planning commission, or coordinating zoning committee has not been received by the township within 30 days from the date the proposed ordinance is received by the county.
    (4) The legislative body of a county by resolution may waive its right to review township ordinances and amendments under this section.

History: 2006, Act 110, Eff. July 1, 2006