MCL - 218-1956-12A

Act 218 of 1956

Document Type Description
Section 500.1261 Section Definitions.
Section 500.1262 Section Navigator; certification; application; funding from exchange prohibited; duties; determination by director that program to certify and train navigators protects personally identifiable information.
Section 500.1262a Section Certified application counselor; certification; application; funding from exchange prohibited; powers; prohibited conduct; disclosure of potential conflict of interest.
Section 500.1263 Section Navigator certificate or certified application counselor certificate; application; statement; approval; criteria; training and testing program; business entity acting as navigator or certified application counselor; certificate required; verification of information; document production.
Section 500.1264 Section Probation, suspension, revocation, or denial of certificate; refusal to issue; civil fine; examination of books and records.
Section 500.1265 Section List of individual certificate holders.
Section 500.1266 Section Termination of relationship with individual certificate holder by business entity; notice to director.
Section 500.1268 Section Mailing and electronic mail address; mailing of notice or process.
Section 500.1269 Section Refusal of director to grant certificate; notice; hearing; suspension or revocation of certificate; summary suspension; witness and production of documents; subpoenas.
Section 500.1270 Section Violation of chapter; findings and decision; order; violation of cease and desist order; civil fine; injunction.
Section 500.1271 Section Citizen complaints; report.
Section 500.1272 Section Construction of chapter.