MCL - 218-1956-12

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 12
Document Type Description
Section 500.1200 Section “Good moral character” defined.
Section 500.1201 Section Definitions.
Section 500.1201a Section Sale, solicitation, or negotiation of insurance; license required; applicability to excess and surplus lines agents and brokers.
Section 500.1202 Section Insurance producer license; definitions.
Section 500.1203 Section Authority of insurance producer for fraternal benefit society; authority of attorney-in-fact of reciprocal or inter-insurance exchange.
Section 500.1204 Section Applicant for insurance producer license; examination; registered program of study; waiver of examination or program of study requirements; administration of examinations; fee; reapplication.
Section 500.1204a Section Qualification as registered insurance producer program of study; criteria; conducting portion of minimum number of classroom hours of instruction; rules; recommendations for improvements in course materials; failure to maintain reasonable standards; refusal by director to approve insurance education instructor; probation, suspension, or revocation of approval.
Section 500.1204b Section Repealed. 2017, Act 67, Imd. Eff. June 30, 2017.
Section 500.1204c Section Insurance producer's hours of study; review; continuing education requirements; program of study; approval; fee; hearing; revocation; filing certificate of attendance or instruction; waiver; reciprocal agreements; fees; grace period; sale of business and failure to meet continuing education requirements; cancellation of license; review date of applicable 2-year period; access to classroom; refusal to approve education instructor; probation, suspension, or revocation of approval; definitions.
Section 500.1204d Section Continuing education fund; creation; administration; disposition and reversion of funds; funding of shortfall.
Section 500.1204e Section Nonresident license applicant; requirements.
Section 500.1204f Section Long-term care insurance; requirements for sale, solicitation, or negotiation by individual; delivery or issuance by insurer; 1-time training course; requirements.
Section 500.1205 Section Resident insurance producer license; filing; application; statement; requirements; business entity; verification of information; limited line credit insurance.
Section 500.1206 Section Insurance producer license; issuance; qualification in line of insurance; duration; reinstatement; contents of license; change of name or address; ministerial functions.
Section 500.1206a Section Nonresident insurance producer license; requirements; verification of status; change of address; nonresident surplus lines insurance producer license; nonresident limited lines insurance producer.
Section 500.1206b Section Nonresident insurance producer license; prelicensing education or examination; exemption; application as resident licensee.
Section 500.1206c Section Life and health insurance producer examinations; summary of statistical information; report.
Section 500.1207 Section Agent as fiduciary; separate accounts; examination of records; remuneration of person acting as agent; placing refused coverage; use of intimidation, threats, or unlawful inducements; agent as party to contract.
Section 500.1208 Section Insurance effected by agent on certain risks; limitation.
Section 500.1208a Section Appointment of producer as agent; notice of appointment; filing; verification of eligibility; fee.
Section 500.1208b Section Termination of business relationship with insurance producer; notice to commissioner; format; liability for disclosure of information or statement.
Section 500.1209 Section Termination of insurance producer's authority to represent insurer; responsibility and authority of insurance producer following notice of termination; exceptions; condition of insurer's authority to transact business in state; construction of subsection (2); “automobile insurance” and “home insurance” defined.
Section 500.1210 Section Accident and health insurance agent as health benefit agent.
Section 500.1211 Section Solicitation and collection on behalf of licensed insurance producer; authorization; contract; agent of the insured; agent of the insurer.
Section 500.1211a Section Assumed name; use.
Section 500.1211b Section Temporary license.
Section 500.1212 Section Persons acting as solicitors; contract with agent; license; notice of appointment.
Section 500.1214 Section Solicitor; application for license and notice of appointment; forms; examination required; program of study as condition to examination; waiver of examination or program of study; investigations and interrogatories; decision; issuance of license; qualifications; disclosures; acting on behalf of sponsoring agent; contents of license; person licensed as solicitor for casualty insurance permitted to act as solicitor for legal expense insurance; duration and surrender of license; reexamination; notice.
Section 500.1216 Section Solicitor as fiduciary; accounting methods; examination of records; remuneration of person acting as agent or solicitor.
Section 500.1218 Section Termination of solicitor's authority to represent agent; notice; disclosure; liability of agent.
Section 500.1222 Section Adjuster's license required; exemptions.
Section 500.1224 Section Adjuster; application for license; forms; examination; investigations and interrogatories; waiver; decision; issuance of license; qualifications; additional restrictions; licenses to certain persons prohibited; "home state" defined.
Section 500.1226 Section Persons aiding adjuster; representation by adjuster; procedure for soliciting loss; schedule of rates; limitation on charges; contract.
Section 500.1227 Section Conduct of adjuster; prohibitions.
Section 500.1228 Section Records of adjuster.
Section 500.1232 Section Insurance counselor; license required; use of designation “certified insurance counselor” or “fraternal insurance counselor”; exceptions.
Section 500.1234 Section Insurance counselor; application for license; forms; examination; investigations and interrogatories; decision; issuance of license; qualifications.
Section 500.1236 Section Written agreement between insurance counselor and client.
Section 500.1238 Section Reporting mailing and electronic mail address of agent, solicitor, counselor, or adjuster; notice of change in address; maintaining address on file; mailing of notice of hearing or process.
Section 500.1239 Section Probation, suspension, or revocation of insurance producer's license; refusal to issue or reissue; causes; civil fine; notice of license denial; hearing; license of business entity; penalties and remedies.
Section 500.1240 Section Payment or acceptance of commission, service fee, or valuable consideration.
Section 500.1242 Section Refusal, suspension, or revocation of license; notice; hearings; summary suspension; subpoenas.
Section 500.1243 Section Definitions; sale of insurance by lender.
Section 500.1244 Section Violation of chapter; hearing; serving copy of findings and cease and desist order; additional orders; reopening, altering, modifying, or setting aside order; violation of cease and desist order; notice and hearing; civil fine; suspension or revocation of license; disposition of fine; court of claims.
Section 500.1246 Section Confidentiality; use of documents, materials, or other information.
Section 500.1247 Section Report of administrative action.