MCL - 218-1956-15

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 15
Document Type Description
Section 500.1501 Section Inapplicability of chapter.
Section 500.1501a Section Financial institutions; application of chapter.
Section 500.1502 Section Insurance premium finance companies; definitions.
Section 500.1503 Section License requirements; violation, penalty; fees, renewal, application.
Section 500.1504 Section License investigation of applicant; issuance, grounds, hearing, bond.
Section 500.1505 Section Premium finance company; license; revocation or suspension; grounds; hearing; penalty; appeal; remuneration; applicability of subsection (4).
Section 500.1506 Section Premium finance transaction records; examination; preservation.
Section 500.1507 Section Insurance commissioner; regulatory powers.
Section 500.1508 Section Premium finance agreement; requirements; specifications; items; subsidiary companies.
Section 500.1509 Section Premium finance company; authorized charges; service charge; amending original contract where balance of premium due changed.
Section 500.1510 Section Insurance premium finance agreement; delinquency charge; cancellation charge.
Section 500.1511 Section Premium finance agreement; cancellation of insurance, procedure, notice, refund.
Section 500.1512 Section Premium finance agreement; filing not required.
Section 500.1513 Section Existing companies; license, fee.
Section 500.1514 Section Insurance commissioner and employees; statement of expenses and charges, payment; employment of expert personnel.