MCL - 218-1956-16.

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 16.
Creditor-Placed Insurance
Document Type Description
Section 500.1601 Section Insurer or producer transacting creditor-placed insurance; scope.
Section 500.1603 Section Private cause of action not created.
Section 500.1605 Section Definitions.
Section 500.1607 Section Dates on which insurance effective or terminated.
Section 500.1609 Section Premiums; calculation; limitation; charges creating balloon payment prohibited.
Section 500.1611 Section Exclusions.
Section 500.1613 Section Evidence of insurance coverage.
Section 500.1615 Section Policy forms and certificates of insurance; filing; schedule of premium rates; withdrawal of approval.
Section 500.1617 Section Refund of unearned premium or other charges; statement of refund; amount.
Section 500.1619 Section Loss incurred; payment; reduced net debt or actual cash value amounts; subrogation; written statement; towing and storage charges.
Section 500.1621 Section Insurance on collateral; conditions.
Section 500.1623 Section Rebates or inducements; prohibitions.
Section 500.1625 Section Adequate disclosure of requirement to maintain insurance; notice; final notice; noncompliance.
Section 500.1627 Section Investigations or examinations; enforcement; hearing; consent agreement; injunctive relief.
Section 500.1629 Section Judicial review; court order.
Section 500.1631 Section Violation of order of commission; penalty.