MCL - 218-1956-29

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 29
Document Type Description
Section 500.2901 Section Definitions.
Section 500.2910 Section Inspection of property; requests; operation of inspection bureau.
Section 500.2912 Section Issuing insurance at rate requiring consent under MCL 500.2414 or 500.2614; inspection; sworn statements; false affidavits; employing services of surplus lines agent; forms of sworn statements; descriptions of rights.
Section 500.2920 Section Michigan basic property insurance association or “pool”; membership; plan of operation and amendments to plan; approval; compliance; designation of members as servicing facilities; reimbursement and authority of facility; rules; rights and liabilities of pool.
Section 500.2921 Section Board of governors as manager of pool; appointment, election, qualifications, and term of members; time of election; allotment of votes; increasing number of governors; vacancy.
Section 500.2923 Section Agents writing insurance on behalf of pool; commissions; losses.
Section 500.2924 Section Underwriting standards employed in determining acceptable risk for basic property insurance; basis of underwriting program for home insurance.
Section 500.2925 Section Application to pool for basic property insurance; form; findings; issuance of policy; reinsuring policies; statement required if risk found not acceptable; term of policy; renewal of policy; waiver of inspection; issuance and term of binders.
Section 500.2925a Section Application to pool for home insurance; form; findings; issuance of policy; reinsuring policies; statement required if property or applicant not qualified; term of policy; renewal of policy; selection of dwellings for inspection; issuance and term of binders.
Section 500.2925b Section Liability; inspection; enforcement by commissioner.
Section 500.2925c Section Notice of rights to obtain home insurance.
Section 500.2926-500.2929 Section Repealed. 1971, Act 74, Eff. Aug. 1, 1971.
Section 500.2930 Section Basic property insurance; amount of premium; surcharge; establishment of rates; filing rates and policy forms.
Section 500.2930a Section Rates charged in territory for home insurance; conditions; limitation on premium for repair cost policy; development of plans, rules, classifications, territories, and calculation steps; policy forms; filing; definitions.
Section 500.2931 Section Limitation on annual premiums written by or on behalf of pool; premium ratios.
Section 500.2932 Section Annual rate of assessment; establishment; purpose; basis; notice; payment of assessments; estimating assessable premiums; adjustment of premium rates; annual statement; assessments as income; deficit or surplus; advance assessments; exempting or deferring assessment; duration of certain rate adjustments; certain deficits carried forward; sharing assets, liabilities, income, and disbursements.
Section 500.2933 Section Pool exempted from fees and taxes; exception.
Section 500.2939 Section Reinsurance permitted.
Section 500.2940 Section Repealed. 2000, Act 486, Imd. Eff. Jan. 11, 2001.
Section 500.2941 Section Pool; supervision, regulation and examination.
Section 500.2942 Section Liability for statements made in reports, at hearings, or in findings; reports of inspection bureau.
Section 500.2943 Section Appeal to insurance commissioner; hearing; order.
Section 500.2950 Section Repealed. 1971, Act 74, Eff. Aug. 1, 1971.
Section 500.2952 Section Federal riot reinsurance reimbursement fund; contents, assessments, reimbursements, retroactive effect.
Section 500.2954 Section Determinations made by commissioner.