MCL - 218-1956-30

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 30
Document Type Description
Section 500.3004 Section Liability insurance policies; contents required.
Section 500.3006 Section Liability insurance policies; insolvency or bankruptcy of insured.
Section 500.3008 Section Liability insurance policies; notice to insurer.
Section 500.3009 Section Automobile liability or motor vehicle liability policy; limits; exclusion of named person; notice; documentary evidence of deleted coverages.
Section 500.3010 Section Loss or damage to insured vehicle caused by fire or explosion; payment of claim; report; applicability of section; local governments electing to apply section to all insurance companies; list; insurer withholding money while complying with section.
Section 500.3011 Section Loss or damage caused by fire or explosion to insured building; failure or refusal to submit report to fire or law enforcement authority; withholding payments; list of cities, villages, and townships applying section to insurance companies; addition or deletion to list; liability.
Section 500.3012 Section Liability insurance policy; noncomplying forms, defenses of insurer.
Section 500.3015 Section Repealed. 1991, Act 191, Eff. Apr. 1, 1992.
Section 500.3017 Section Loss or injury while transportation network company driver is logged on to transportation network company digital network or transportation network company driver is providing prearranged ride; excluded coverage; examples; coverage not required; coverage for personal vehicle by contract or endorsement; defending or indemnifying claim; compliance with limousine, taxicab, and transportation network company act; exchange of information during investigation of coverage; definitions.
Section 500.3020 Section Policy of casualty insurance; mandatory provisions; filing rule providing minimum retention of premium for automobile insurance; issuance of policy to meet MCL 257.227a; providing short rate premium for insurance on motorcycle, watercraft, off-road vehicle, or snowmobile; definitions; effect of cancellation on claim; mailing or delivery of notice; statement; rule establishing short rate premium.
Section 500.3021 Section Liability insurance policy; prohibits age discrimination, conditions.
Section 500.3030 Section Insurer not to be made or joined as party defendant; reference to insurer or insurance during trial.
Section 500.3032 Section Court action; application of "Restatement of the Law, Liability Insurance" prohibited.
Section 500.3036 Section Liability policy in lieu of bond on appeal; recognizance for costs; deposit of policy or bond; admission of liability; agreement to pay judgment; judgment in excess of coverage; stay of execution upon filing bond for difference.
Section 500.3037 Section Limited collision, broad form collision, and standard and limited collision coverages; deductibles; waiver of deductible; rejection of coverages; form; rejection statement; failure to sign or return written rejection statement; explanation of collision coverage options; providing policyholder with collision coverage information; "collision damage" and "substantially at fault" defined.