MCL - 218-1956-39

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 39
Document Type Description
Section 500.3901 Section Long-term care insurance; definitions.
Section 500.3901a Section Long-term care insurance policies; discrimination against living donors; prohibition; definitions.
Section 500.3902 Section Offer of long-term care coverage by subsidiary of health care corporation.
Section 500.3903 Section Group long-term care insurance; coverage offered to groups described in MCL 500.3901(c)(iv) and 500.3901(c)(iii).
Section 500.3905 Section Long-term care coverage; requirements; certain coverages requiring care recommendations.
Section 500.3906 Section Designation of person to receive notice of termination; reinstatement of coverage; effective date of section.
Section 500.3907 Section Individual long-term care policy; guaranteed renewable provision; conversion; new limitation period; intermediate care facility or skilled nursing facility; home care services.
Section 500.3908 Section Long-term care partnership program policy; conversion or replacement.
Section 500.3909 Section Option to purchase inflation protection; summary of coverage; applicability of section.
Section 500.3910 Section Option of purchasing policy or certificate including nonforfeiture benefits; offer.
Section 500.3910a Section Nonforfeiture benefits; coverage elements, eligibility, benefit triggers, and benefit length; contingent benefit; premium increase; notification; duties of insurer; limitation on maximum benefits; effective date of section; premiums subject to loss ratio requirements; conditions for offering nonforfeiture benefit.
Section 500.3910b Section Reduction options; applicability of section to long-term care policies and certificates issued on or after June 1, 2007.
Section 500.3911 Section Preexisting condition; limitation period; definition.
Section 500.3913 Section Home health care benefits.
Section 500.3915 Section Certain conditions prohibited.
Section 500.3917 Section Replacement policy; waiver of time periods applicable to preexisting conditions and probationary periods.
Section 500.3919 Section Institutionalization; extension of benefits; limitations.
Section 500.3921 Section Application; questions relating to health condition; delivery; record of policy rescissions; annual report to commissioner.
Section 500.3923 Section Riders or endorsements; certain changes in benefits or premiums; definition, explanation, description, and labeling of certain terms.
Section 500.3925 Section Applicability of section to long-term care policy or certificate issued on or after June 1, 2007; information to be provided on forms; acknowledgement of disclosure; notice of premium rate schedule increase; personal worksheet; availability of free and independent insurance purchasing and public benefits counseling.
Section 500.3926 Section Applicability of section to long-term care policy or certificate issued on or after June 1, 2007; information to be provided to commissioner; premium rate schedule; statement; request by commissioner for actuarial demonstration; additional information.
Section 500.3926a Section Applicability of section to long-term care policy or certificate issued on or after June 1, 2007; notice of pending premium rate schedule increase; requirements; review and approval by commissioner; eligibility for contingent benefit upon lapse; applicability of subsections to certain policies or certificates; exceptional increases; definitions.
Section 500.3927 Section Reasonableness of benefits relative to premiums; expected loss ratio; evaluation of factors; applicability of section.
Section 500.3928 Section Fixed indivisible premium life insurance policy funding long-term care benefits by accelerating death benefit; reasonableness of benefits relative to premiums; provisions.
Section 500.3929 Section Increasing premiums prohibited; conditions.
Section 500.3930 Section Acceleration of benefits under group or individual life policies or riders; determination of policy reserves.
Section 500.3931 Section Rules.
Section 500.3933 Section Summary of coverage.
Section 500.3935 Section Statement relating to request for additional information.
Section 500.3937 Section Shopper's guide; format; providing to applicants; exception.
Section 500.3939 Section Application; questions relating to other policies in force or use as replacement; agent's list of other policies sold; notice to applicant and existing insurer; appropriateness of recommended purchase or replacement.
Section 500.3941 Section Advertising; filing copy with commissioner.
Section 500.3941a Section Inapplicability of section to life insurance policies or riders containing accelerated benefits; development of suitability standards.
Section 500.3942 Section Marketing; duties of insurer; use of "level premium" or "noncancelable" prohibited; exception.
Section 500.3942a Section Reporting requirements; agent activities; preparation of report.
Section 500.3943 Section Right to return policy; notice; “direct response solicitation” defined.
Section 500.3945 Section Violation; penalty.
Section 500.3949 Section Life and long-term care benefits; marketing; compliance.
Section 500.3951 Section Policy summary; compliance with MCL 500.3933; additional provisions; monthly report.
Section 500.3953 Section Disclosure statement.
Section 500.3955 Section Compliance with chapter and applicable laws.