MCL - 218-1956-42

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 42
Document Type Description
Section 500.4200 Section Scope of chapter; other applicable provisions.
Section 500.4201 Section Industrial life insurance; definitions.
Section 500.4204 Section Required policy provisions; exceptions.
Section 500.4206 Section Grace period; provision required.
Section 500.4208 Section Incontestability; provision required, exceptions.
Section 500.4210 Section Policy constitutes entire contract; provision required.
Section 500.4212 Section Misstatement of age; provision required.
Section 500.4214 Section Participation in surplus; provision required.
Section 500.4216 Section Conversion; weekly premium policies; provision required; monthly premium policies.
Section 500.4220 Section Nonforfeiture and cash surrender values.
Section 500.4222 Section Table of nonforfeiture benefits.
Section 500.4224 Section Nonforfeiture benefit; automatic option; provision required.
Section 500.4228 Section Reinstatement; provision required.
Section 500.4230 Section Settlement of claim upon death of insured; provision required.
Section 500.4236 Section Title required.
Section 500.4238 Section Beneficiary changes.
Section 500.4242 Section Limitation of liability; aviation, military or naval service.
Section 500.4244 Section Industrial life insurance; provisions prohibited; right to declare policy void for disease or ailment; rejection; payment of proceeds to other than beneficiary; limitation; settlement at maturity for less than full value; accidental death.