MCL - 218-1956-44

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 44
Document Type Description
Section 500.4400 Section Scope of chapter; compliance required.
Section 500.4404 Section Employee groups; required number of participants; premium payments; group life insurance as part of combined group life and disability insurance policy; "employees" defined.
Section 500.4405 Section Group life insurance policy; issuance to trust or trustees; requirements.
Section 500.4408 Section National guard groups; participation authorization.
Section 500.4412 Section Labor union, teacher and postal clerk groups; participation authorization.
Section 500.4416 Section Group life insurance; groups of borrowers or purchasers.
Section 500.4418 Section Group life insurance; loans on dwellings or mobile homes; insurer providing monetary benefits to financial institutions; payment of dividends to financial institution.
Section 500.4419 Section Prepaid funeral contracts; group life insurance.
Section 500.4420 Section Nonprofit incorporated industrial association groups; executives; participation; other associations, trusts, or trustees; criteria; conditions.
Section 500.4424 Section Group life insurance offered to groups other than described in MCL 500.4404 to 500.4420.
Section 500.4426 Section Extension of coverage to eligible dependents; amounts; payment of premiums; definitions.
Section 500.4430 Section Group life insurance policy; filing and approval of form; certain provisions required.
Section 500.4432 Section Group life insurance policy; incontestability.
Section 500.4434 Section Entire contract; provision; application; representations.
Section 500.4436 Section Misstatement of age; provision required.
Section 500.4438 Section Individual certificate; notice of conversion rights.
Section 500.4439 Section Insurance under group policy; assignment of rights, effect.
Section 500.4442 Section New employee; provision required.
Section 500.4446 Section Policy issued in another state; determination by director.
Section 500.4450 Section Employer deemed policyholder.
Section 500.4454 Section Readjustment of premium rate; optional provisions.