MCL - 218-1956-68

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 68
Document Type Description
Section 500.6800 Section Scope of chapter; code applicability to domestic farmers' mutual insurers.
Section 500.6802 Section Formation of mutual plan insurers.
Section 500.6804 Section Farmers' mutuals; organization; insuring powers.
Section 500.6806 Section Company organized or operating under MCL 500.6804; limit of risk.
Section 500.6807 Section Farmers' mutuals; coverage of property while off insured premises.
Section 500.6810-500.6820 Section Repealed. 1994, Act 226, Imd. Eff. June 27, 1994.
Section 500.6822 Section Certificate of authority; required to transact business; expiration; renewal; revocation; qualification for certificate of authority or commencing business.
Section 500.6823 Section Property insurance; territorial limitations.
Section 500.6824 Section Reinsurance; limitations.
Section 500.6826 Section Records and reports; requirements.
Section 500.6828 Section Financial report to members; penalty for violations.
Section 500.6830 Section Directors and officers; election.
Section 500.6834 Section Corporation, board, or association as member.
Section 500.6838 Section Premium notes and assessments; liens.
Section 500.6840 Section Levy of assessment; deficit; farmers' mutuals; advance premiums; surplus; membership fees; nonassignable policies.
Section 500.6842 Section Failure to make assessment; penalty.
Section 500.6844 Section Surplus fund; accumulation.
Section 500.6846 Section Board of directors; borrowing power.
Section 500.6848 Section Unearned premium reserve; refund.
Section 500.6850 Section Investments; real estate; agricultural credit corporation membership.
Section 500.6854 Section Insurance in excess of fair value prohibited.
Section 500.6856 Section Maximum amount recoverable on face of policy; premium, assessments.
Section 500.6858 Section Adjustment or arbitration of losses; subpoenas to witnesses; notice.
Section 500.6859 Section Adjustment or arbitration of losses; service of subpoenas; fees.
Section 500.6860 Section Adjustment or arbitration of losses; compelling attendance of witness; costs.
Section 500.6862 Section Adjustment or arbitration of losses; administration of oath to witness; perjury.
Section 500.6864 Section Limitation of actions.
Section 500.6866 Section Uniform farm mutual fire policy.
Section 500.6868 Section Uniform farm mutual fire policy; required form.
Section 500.6869 Section Uniform farm mutual fire policy; conflicting bylaws, riders.
Section 500.6870 Section Uniform farm mutual fire policy; optional provisions.
Section 500.6872 Section Uniform farm mutual fire policy; rate, premium, assessment, expiration.
Section 500.6874 Section Uniform farm mutual fire policy; printed descriptions and specifications of property.
Section 500.6876 Section Repealed. 1963, Act 53, Eff. Sept. 6, 1963.
Section 500.6886 Section Additional provisions of code applicable to domestic mutual insurers.