MCL - 218-1956-70

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 70
Document Type Description
Section 500.7001 Section Definitions.
Section 500.7004 Section Employee welfare benefit plan as multiple employer welfare arrangement; certificate of authority required; applicability of chapter.
Section 500.7006 Section Benefits to which authorized MEWA limited.
Section 500.7010 Section Application for certificate of authority; form; submission of application and other documents to commissioner; examination of application and documents; investigation; examination under oath of certain persons.
Section 500.7011 Section Conditions to issuance of certificate of authority.
Section 500.7012 Section Fees; payment and collection; service of process; designation and purpose of fees.
Section 500.7014 Section Issuance of certificate of authority; refusal to grant certificate; notice of refusal; request for and conduct of hearing.
Section 500.7018 Section Temporary certificate; organization of proposed MEWA; opening books to commissioner; condition to issuance of final certificate.
Section 500.7020 Section Issuance of policies by MEWA; premium or premium deposit; contingent premium; restoration of cash reserves.
Section 500.7022 Section Name of MEWA; proof of existence of MEWA.
Section 500.7024 Section Powers of MEWA.
Section 500.7026 Section Articles, bylaws, and trust agreement of MEWA and amendments thereto; filing; approval; form for trust agreement; notice of meeting; voting rights; powers to be exercised by board of trustees; restrictions on trustees.
Section 500.7028 Section Duties of trustees; limitation on liability of trustee.
Section 500.7030 Section Officers and agents; selection and appointment; authority and duties; removal; bond.
Section 500.7032 Section Compensation of trustee, officer, or employee.
Section 500.7034 Section Trustee or officer; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalty.
Section 500.7040 Section Financial statements and reports required to be filed; commingling of cash reserves prohibited.
Section 500.7044 Section Notice to individual covered by plan.
Section 500.7050 Section Examination of affairs of MEWA; access to books, records, and documents; examination of trustees, officers, agents, and employees; payment and disposition of assessment.
Section 500.7060 Section Additional provisions to which MEWA subject.
Section 500.7070 Section Certificate of authority; grounds for suspension, revocation, or limitation.
Section 500.7074 Section Written findings of violation; issuance and service of findings and cease and desist order; additional orders.
Section 500.7076 Section Violation of cease and desist order; notice; hearing; civil fine; suspension or revocation of certificate of authority.
Section 500.7078 Section Conduct of proceedings for payment of fines or for suspension, revocation, or limitation of certificate of authority; appeal of disputed claim; hearing.
Section 500.7080 Section Multiple employer welfare arrangement security fund; creation; administration; use; appointment, qualifications, terms, and compensation of board of trustees; powers of board of trustees; payment of and accounting for expenses.
Section 500.7084 Section Assessments; purpose; limitation; notice; payment; assessments as elements of loss for purpose of establishing rates; liability of employer ceasing to participate in MEWA; certification of collection and receipt of money from assessments; noting delinquencies; collection of delinquent assessment; transfer of money to state treasurer; treasurer or custodian of fund; investments; crediting earnings from investment.
Section 500.7086 Section Security fund as creditor of insolvent MEWA; reimbursement from insolvent MEWA.
Section 500.7090 Section Effective date of chapter.