MCL - 270-1984-6

Act 270 of 1984
Chapter 6

Document Type Description
Section 125.2061 Section Definitions.
Section 125.2062 Section Center for minority venture capital; establishment and operation.
Section 125.2063 Section Certification of minority venture capital company and MESBIC; purpose; construction of certification; statement in documents; forwarding certification applications; qualifications for initial certification; compliance.
Section 125.2064 Section Considerations prior to certification.
Section 125.2065 Section Percentage of venture capital investments; encouraging certified MESBIC to meet investment requirements; “investment” defined.
Section 125.2066 Section Minority venture capital company as certified MESBIC.
Section 125.2067 Section Independent program audit.
Section 125.2068 Section Effective date and duration of certification; eligibility as recipient of investments; approval and effect of tax credit disqualification.
Section 125.2069 Section Revocation of certification; notice; remedying deficiencies and complying with requirements; determination.
Section 125.2069a Section Tax credit certification; information; report.