MCL - 270-1984-7

Act 270 of 1984
Chapter 7

Document Type Description
Section 125.2071 Section Definitions.
Section 125.2072 Section Center for research and development; establishment and operation.
Section 125.2073 Section Research center fund; payments into fund; transfer of money.
Section 125.2074 Section Research center fund; use of money; purpose; obligations of present or emerging technologies; purposes of financial aid; terms and conditions of financial aid; minimum financial aid grant; payment; tax exemption.
Section 125.2075 Section Business plan.
Section 125.2076 Section Scope of succession to rights, properties, obligations, and duties of Michigan economic development authority; payments in research center fund.
Section 125.2077 Section Higher education coordination council; membership.
Section 125.2078 Section Service station matching grant program.
Section 125.2079 Section Location of renewable fuel plants; inventory of prime sites; availability on internet; assistance.