MCL - 270-1984-8

Act 270 of 1984
Chapter 8

Document Type Description
Section 125.2081 Section “Economic development fund” defined.
Section 125.2082 Section Center for product development; establishment and operation.
Section 125.2083 Section Product development program account; payments into account; transfer or deposit of money.
Section 125.2084 Section Product development program account; utilization of money; purpose; terms and conditions of financial aid; condition to financial aid.
Section 125.2085 Section Recipients of financial aid.
Section 125.2086 Section Amount of financial aid and terms of venture agreement; evaluation and examination.
Section 125.2086a Section Financial aid to nonprofit corporation; powers and duties of corporation; fund as party to venture agreement; provisions of venture agreement.
Section 125.2087 Section Advisory panel; purpose; membership; report; recommendation.