MCL - Section 333.2455

Act 368 of 1978

333.2455 Building or condition violating health laws or constituting nuisance, unsanitary condition, or cause of illness; order; noncompliance; warrant; assessment and collection of expenses; liability; judicial order; other powers not affected.

Sec. 2455.

    (1) A local health department or the department may issue an order to avoid, correct, or remove, at the owner's expense, a building or condition which violates health laws or which the local health officer or director reasonably believes to be a nuisance, unsanitary condition, or cause of illness.
    (2) If the owner or occupant does not comply with the order, the local health department or department may cause the violation, nuisance, unsanitary condition, or cause of illness to be removed and may seek a warrant for this purpose. The owner of the premises shall pay the expenses incurred.
    (3) If the owner of the premises refuses on demand to pay expenses incurred, the sums paid shall be assessed against the property and shall be collected and treated in the same manner as taxes assessed under the general laws of this state. An occupant or other person who caused or permitted the violation, nuisance, unsanitary condition, or cause of illness to exist is liable to the owner of the premises for the amount paid by the owner or assessed against the property which amount shall be recoverable in an action.
    (4) A court, upon a finding that a violation or nuisance may be injurious to the public health, may order the removal, abatement, or destruction of the violation or nuisance at the expense of the defendant, under the direction of the local health department where the violation or nuisance is found. The form of the warrant to the sheriff or other law enforcement officer may be varied accordingly.
    (5) This section does not affect powers otherwise granted to local governments.

History: 1978, Act 368, Eff. Sept. 30, 1978
Popular Name: Act 368