MCL - 368-1978-2-24

Act 368 of 1978
Part 24
Document Type Description
Section 333.2401 Section Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.2403 Section Definitions; A to D.
Section 333.2406 Section Definitions; L.
Section 333.2408 Section Definitions; R to U.
Section 333.2411 Section Division of powers and duties.
Section 333.2413 Section County health department; county board of health.
Section 333.2415 Section Creation of district health department; composition of district board of health.
Section 333.2417 Section Claim against district health department; audit; allowance of claim; report; appeal; apportionment of allowed claims; formula; voucher.
Section 333.2419 Section Employment of personnel; consolidation of functions.
Section 333.2421 Section City health department; creation; powers and duties.
Section 333.2422 Section Selection of option by city; notice of intent.
Section 333.2423 Section Selection of option by city; failure to notify department; continuing local financial support for affected services.
Section 333.2424 Section Selection of option by city; planning period; transition plan; responsibility for local cost of required services; approval of developed plan; disposition of federal funds.
Section 333.2426 Section Real and personal property of village or township board or department of health; title; use and administration.
Section 333.2428 Section Local health officer; appointment; qualifications; powers and duties.
Section 333.2431 Section Local health department; requirements; report; reviewing plan for organization of local health department; waiver.
Section 333.2433 Section Local health department; powers and duties generally.
Section 333.2435 Section Local health department; additional powers.
Section 333.2437 Section Exercise by department of public health of power vested in local health department.
Section 333.2441 Section Adoption of regulations; purpose; approval; effective date; stringency; conflicting regulations.
Section 333.2442 Section Adoption of regulation; notice of public hearing.
Section 333.2443 Section Violation of regulation or order; misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 333.2444 Section Fees for services; expenses and compensation.
Section 333.2446 Section Inspection or investigation.
Section 333.2448 Section Intergovernmental contracts; existing contracts not affected.
Section 333.2451 Section Imminent danger to health or lives; informing individuals affected; order; noncompliance; petition to restrain condition or practice; “imminent danger” and “person” defined.
Section 333.2453 Section Epidemic; emergency order and procedures; involuntary detention and treatment; visitation within qualified health care facility; LINDA; definitions.
Section 333.2455 Section Building or condition violating health laws or constituting nuisance, unsanitary condition, or cause of illness; order; noncompliance; warrant; assessment and collection of expenses; liability; judicial order; other powers not affected.
Section 333.2458 Section Establishment of cemetery; requirements; determinations; approval; disposition of plats; vacating cemetery; removal and reinterment of bodies and remains.
Section 333.2461 Section Violation; schedule of monetary civil penalties; issuance, contents, and delivery of citation.
Section 333.2462 Section Citation; petition for administrative hearing; decision of local health officer; review; petition for judicial review; civil penalty.
Section 333.2463 Section Appearance tickets.
Section 333.2465 Section Injunctive action; liability for damages.
Section 333.2471 Section Program; establishment; objectives.
Section 333.2472 Section Services eligible for cost sharing; criteria and procedures for additional services; minimum standards for delivery of services.
Section 333.2473 Section Specific objectives of required services; demonstrating provision of service; contracts.
Section 333.2475 Section Reimbursement for costs of services; equitable distribution; schedule; local expenditure in excess of prior appropriation.
Section 333.2476 Section Reimbursement of certain expenditures prohibited.
Section 333.2477 Section Local governing entity not to receive less than received under prior provisions; providing, designating, and reallocating funds; accountability.
Section 333.2479 Section Criteria for determining costs for services.
Section 333.2481 Section Condition for approval of funding.
Section 333.2482 Section Minimum expenditure for health services; waiving maintenance of local funding; certain services considered health services.
Section 333.2483 Section Conditions for reimbursement.
Section 333.2484 Section Agreement implementing standards; basis for reimbursement; operating advance; adjustments.
Section 333.2486 Section Notice of appeal; informal conference; reaffirming, modifying, or revoking decision; hearing; petition for redress.
Section 333.2488 Section Appropriation request to include funds for reimbursement of local health departments; basis of sums requested.
Section 333.2490 Section Administration of MCL 333.2471 to 333.2498.
Section 333.2492 Section Status report; appropriation for development and implementation of evaluation and related training.
Section 333.2495 Section Rules; determinations; review and comment.
Section 333.2497 Section Administrative compliance order.
Section 333.2498 Section Petition for administrative hearing; finality of order or compliance date; reaffirming, modifying, or revoking order; modifying time for compliance; petition for writ of mandamus.