MCL - 354-1996-4

Act 354 of 1996
Chapter 4
Document Type Description
Section 487.3401 Section Savings bank; powers.
Section 487.3402 Section Purchase, design, manufacture, construction, repair, modification, or improvement of real property; use of loan proceeds; liability for defect.
Section 487.3403 Section Purchase of corporation stock by savings bank; limitation on aggregate investments.
Section 487.3404 Section Purchase of stock, or loans to, Michigan business development corporation.
Section 487.3405 Section Venture capital investments; “professional investor” and “venture capital” defined.
Section 487.3406 Section “Investment security” and “secretary” defined; purchase of investment securities.
Section 487.3407 Section Acquisition, development, or improvement of real estate; limitation on investment of assets; powers of savings bank.
Section 487.3408 Section Services performed by savings bank.
Section 487.3409 Section Savings bank engaged in real estate brokerage business; notice of licensure or ownership; prohibited acts; disclosure to credit applicant; violation of section; orders; limitation.
Section 487.3410 Section Investment in service entities.
Section 487.3411 Section Powers granted in MCL 487.3401 and 487.3403 construed.
Section 487.3412 Section Change in location of principal office.
Section 487.3413 Section Transactions relating to capital stock of corporation; authorization; purchase and sale of securities and stock; loan or discount; purchase or holding of own stock.
Section 487.3414 Section Savings bank possessing capital and surplus more than $1,000,000.00; powers; application; savings bank operating foreign branches; restrictions and limitations; further powers.
Section 487.3415 Section Savings bank with branch offices in foreign country.
Section 487.3416 Section Savings bank as owner or lessor of personal property; lease payments as rent; taxes; prohibition.
Section 487.3417 Section Savings bank with branch in another state.
Section 487.3418 Section Loan production offices.
Section 487.3419 Section Purchase or assumption of national or state chartered bank, savings bank, or association; operation as new branch.
Section 487.3420 Section Discontinuing operations of branch or agency office; transfer of functions.
Section 487.3421 Section Trust powers; conditions, limitations, and restrictions.
Section 487.3422 Section Definitions; trust service agreements.
Section 487.3423 Section Separation of trust department business from commercial bank business; commingled and consolidated funds; limitation; lien on securities in event of savings bank failure.
Section 487.3424 Section Fiduciary powers; considerations.
Section 487.3425 Section Repealed. 2000, Act 482, Imd. Eff. Jan. 11, 2001.
Section 487.3426 Section Fund or property held by savings bank as fiduciary; investments; “registered investment company” defined; funds considered as held in fiduciary capacity.
Section 487.3427 Section Enforcement of MCL 487.3421 to 487.3426; orders or declaratory rulings.
Section 487.3428 Section Safe deposit and storage department.
Section 487.3429 Section Lease, purchase, holding, and conveyance of real estate.
Section 487.3430 Section Interest and charges on loans and credit extensions.
Section 487.3431 Section Drafts or bills of exchange.
Section 487.3432 Section Loans and extensions of credit and leases; limitations; exceptions; definitions.
Section 487.3433 Section Loans and extensions of credit; exceptions to limitations.
Section 487.3434 Section Capital and surplus; limitations.
Section 487.3436 Section Automatic teller machine located on premises of casino, casino enterprise, liquor store, or adult entertainment establishment; preventing access to cash benefits from Michigan bridge card; definitions.