MCL - 354-1996-5

Act 354 of 1996
Chapter 5
Document Type Description
Section 487.3501 Section Impairment of capital.
Section 487.3502 Section Violations; liability of directors or officers.
Section 487.3503 Section Officer or employee as agent in sale of stock or securities; prohibition.
Section 487.3504 Section Receipt of consideration or gratuity prohibited.
Section 487.3505 Section Surety bonds; protection against insurable losses.
Section 487.3506 Section Reports; penalty for failure to report.
Section 487.3507 Section Regulation and prescription of terms, conditions, bylaws, and rules by board of directors.
Section 487.3508 Section Pledge of assets.
Section 487.3509 Section Deposit by savings bank; limitation.
Section 487.3510 Section Insolvency; transfer of assets null and void.
Section 487.3511 Section Property or casualty insurance as condition to mortgage loan.
Section 487.3512 Section Overdrafts.
Section 487.3514 Section Repealed. 2005, Act 192, Imd. Eff. Nov. 7, 2005.