MCL - Section 500.1222

Act 218 of 1956

500.1222 Adjuster's license required; exemptions.

Sec. 1222.

    (1) A person shall not adjust loss or damage under a policy of insurance or advertise, solicit business, or hold himself or herself out to the public as an adjuster unless he or she is licensed as an adjuster.
    (2) The following are exempt from licensure under subsection (1):
    (a) A person admitted to the practice of law in this state.
    (b) A marine average adjuster.
    (c) An employee or manager of an authorized insurer adjusting loss or damage under a policy issued by the insurer.
    (d) A licensed insurance producer to whom claim authority has been granted by an insurer.
    (e) An individual who collects claim information from, or furnishes claim information to, insureds or claimants, and who conducts data entry including entering data into an automated claims adjudication system, if the individual is under the supervision of 1 or more licensed independent adjusters or an individual who is exempt from licensure under subdivision (c). As used in this subdivision, "automated claims adjudication system" means a preprogrammed computer system designed for the collection, data entry, calculation, and final resolution of portable consumer electronic insurance claims.

History: Add. 1972, Act 133, Eff. Mar. 30, 1973 ;-- Am. 2012, Act 462, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2012
Popular Name: Act 218